What is the best JavaScript IDE or editor?

It seems like every couple of weeks there is a new editor released into the wild promising ever greater speed and better features. Its a crowded market, and becoming ever more so with the recent release of a number of cloud based solutions.

We’ve long been a Sublime shop at The Online Studio. Its a lightweight, extendable editor, that’s lightning fast. Sure, we should all be using VIM, but as a day to day editor Sublime can handle anything from simple html builds through to more complex JavaScript app development with ease.

While Sublime is incredibly customisable, due to it lack of active development, its starting to lag behind the competition somewhat, so we thought it could be time to look out for something new.

The process of finding a new editor is never a simple task, nor is it one that is necessarily at the top of a developers to do list.  We spend a huge amount of our day looking at our chosen platform, we customise it, we tweak it and we make it ours, so to move to a new platform can feel like a leap into the dark.

So when we stumbled (reddited), across this link it piqued our interest:  https://www.slant.co/topics/1686/~javascript-ide-or-editor. A crowd sourced list of editors and IDE’s, with pros and cons of each. We’ve already started trialing a few, and Visual Studio Code has won some hearts.


A modern CSS reset – could it be time for an update?


Ress thinks so, and with some great features it may be time to abandon your old reset:


  1. Apply box-sizing: border-box; in all elements.
  2. Reset padding and margin in all elements.
  3. Specify background-repeat: no-repeat in all elements.
  4. Inherit text-decoration and vertical-align to ::before and ::after.
  5. Remove the outline when hovering in all browsers.
  6. Specify font-family: monospace in code elements.
  7. Reset border-radius in input elements.
  8. Specify font inheritance of form elements.
  9. Remove the default button styling in all browsers.
  10. Specify textarea resizability to vertical.
  11. Apply cursor: pointer to button elements.

Check it out at:



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